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The Power of Video

The importance of video in marketing is a constant claim among marketing professionals. Meeting that level of importance and power with solid execution is the difficult part. A combination of planning, storytelling, production, and timing all play a role the level of engagement a video achieves.

A business may be reluctant to begin video marketing because they believe it’s too expensive or complicated. Don’t over think or stress about the process. S2P Studio can help you get on the path to success with affordable options and strategies for any business big or small. In the initial phases of the process, you will need to decide what kind of video will create more customer engagement.

Types of video to consider

1. Testimonial – Testimonial is one of the quickest, easiest and cheapest videos to produce because there’s no better sales person for your company than a satisfied client. Many consumers don’t trust written testimonials on a website, since there’s no way of knowing if the comments are legitimate. A video is a lot more convincing.

2. Sales Letter – If you have a product to sell create a video sales letter. You don’t even need a “talking head” on camera. At S2P Studio, we create animated infographics using Adobe After Effects. You can also create a sales letter with a PowerPoint presentation and audio narration. This type of video is then embedded on a landing page that has a call-to-action.

3. Product Demo – Videos are perfect for product demonstrations but in order to show off your product in the best possible manner, it’s wise to hire a production company to shoot the demo. We are the experts in lighting and sound, and we’ll help you present your product in way that encourages action.

4. Instructional – Customers like to see a product in action before buying and also learn how to use it after purchase. This type of video can also work with a service to sell. Simply record an employee on camera explaining how the service or product works, or use a PowerPoint presentation with voice over narration.

5. Behind the Scenes – People prefer to do business with other people they like and trust. One way to make your company appear more human is to produce videos that provide a glimpse of your culture and operations.

Engage, Inspire and Entertain by introducing video to your marketing plan.


Wannette has been a multimedia specialist (Graphic & Web Designer specializing in front-end development, Logo Design and Video Production) for 12 years.

Wannette DoerrfeldThe Power of Video

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