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The New Age in Real Estate Marketing: Video

ABC’s “The Lookout” recently featured a Real Estate Survival Guide. The episode explained what experts say house hunters need to look out for when buying or renting a home. From Photoshopping landscapes and sunsets to increase curb appeal to taking interior listing photos midday to blow out windows with sunlight. Why would anyone want to blow out windows? Maybe, to hide the bars on the windows of a home in a sketchy neighborhood or a not so pleasing view of a brick wall. These sorts of listing photo embellishments are on the rise in real estate marketing. In effect, consumer trust is on a decline when it comes to scouring real estate listing photos online.

To escape this stigma, an increasing number of top real estate agents have stepped into the new age of marketing their real estate listings with video. Video has become a great medium for capturing a home buyer’s imagination. According to Pew Research, 52 percent of adults in the US watch videos online. In addition, Forrester Research reports that video is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google search results, which means that homes marketed with video are more likely to be found by potential buyers.

Another trend that is creating a buzz in the Real Estate industry is Lifestyle Marketing. It is based on the idea that people buy lifestyles, not products. This technique is designed to project an irresistible lifestyle so instead of merely photographing a high-end kitchen, lifestyle marketers produce real estate videos. The goal is to make the home more memorable.

What video does that still images don’t:

  • Captures a home buyers imagination and intrigue
  • Show the flow of the house
  • Increase the SEO (Google rating) of your listing
  • Capture views and curb appeal with a more accurate perspective
  • Makes a home more memorable

Preparing your listing for a video tour:

  1. Scripting – plan for the features you would like to highlight and if narrating have your narrative written and sent to the videographer before the production date.
  2. Scheduling – the best time of day to shoot the interior of a home is no more than a couple of hours after dusk or a couple of hours before dawn.
  3. Alert the neighbors – for narrative and lifestyle tours you can avoid things such as your neighbor mowing the lawn during production.
  4. Staging – Clean, de-clutter and turn on all lights and make sure home is evenly lit.

In closing, when we talk about the new age of Real Estate marketing we are also speaking to the new age of marketing in general. Captivate your audience with the power of video!


Wannette has been a multimedia specialist (Graphic & Web Designer specializing in front-end development, Logo Design and Video Production) for 12 years.

Wannette DoerrfeldThe New Age in Real Estate Marketing: Video

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