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Artistic inspiration can come from anywhere and anything. A song, a picture, a vision, a smell, a touch, or a sentiment. When I look for inspiration for a design or visual for an active project, I often do not find it right away.

Yet, it’s always fun to search, gather, build color schemes, moods and tones for future designs or imagery. So, for current projects, what do I do to find inspiration in a timely fashion? I’ve learned to simply focus on doing things to escape the pressure of finding design inspiration. This may be going for a run, visiting a museum, cooking and eating an exquisite dinner, or listing to music. Almost always, I stumble upon something inspiring, such as this beautiful Iowa sunset. I then add it to my creative vault for use on future projects.

“Design Inspiration”

Iowa Sunset – Inspiration for tourism cover (Color Palette and Mood)

Iowa Tourism Cover Image | S2P Studio
Iowa Sunset - Inspiration for color palette
Wannette DoerrfeldDesign Inspiration

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