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The popular approach to content marketing is to consistently put out trending content, promote it and watch your SEO reap the benefits. The idea is that consistency and trending content alone will increase user engagement and click through. For many marketers that has not been the case. In a recent study led by HubSpot of 700 online marketers, 67 percent were planning to increase their content marketing efforts in 2017 and 72 percent of those marketers rated their current content-led marketing activity as “limited, basic or inconsistent”. So, why is content-led marketing failing and what is the solution?

The problem and the simple content marketing solution

Content-led marketing tends to focus on search engine algorithms instead of the end user. As a result, marketers may lose sight of their clients specific audience. Therefore, a viable solution is for marketers to focus more on learning about the clients customer base. As a business, you can ask yourself two questions. What type of content do your customers get on the internet to search for? What kind of content attracts them and keeps them engaged? At S2P Studio, our core marketing strategy starts with storytelling. Storytelling offers a solution to the failures of content-led marketing.

How to generate consistent and compelling content

What is your story? When you use storytelling as the backbone of your marketing strategy, content-led marketing turns into audience-led marketing. While it’s relatively simple to consistently deliver content through various marketing channels that is known to be socially popular, it takes more time, research and work to put out quality content that your target audience will enjoy.

Consequently, as a marketer, I’m in a constant state of research and learning. By doing so, I am able to maintain focus, avoid complacency and allow my clients SEO to reap the benefits.

[Picured/Linked Below: Walt Disney, one of the worlds best storytellers.]

Content Marketing and Storytelling


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