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Hiring a Wedding Video Professional

Hiring a wedding videographer will be one of the best investments you make for your special day. They say a picture is worth a thousand words…well a wedding video is worth a thousand pictures and then some! In a recent survey from Breakthrough Marketing Inc., 98% of newly wedded brides recommended that engaged couples splurge on a professional wedding video. Newlyweds quickly realize what a blur their wedding day was and how important having a video truly is. This is most likely because they saw all the best moments from their wedding on their friends’ Facebook albums and it all happened while they were mingling with wedding guests.

S2P StudioHiring a Wedding Video Professional
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Iowa Get Your Business Online

Almost 60% of businesses in Iowa don’t have a website. As a result, Google will host workshops around the state as part of the “Get Your Business Online” campaign. If you already have a website, you can still attend to learn more about online marketing and Google Advertising.

S2P StudioIowa Get Your Business Online
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Legal Experts Address Youtube’s Fair Use Policy

If you are wondering why some YouTube material stays up and others get flagged and removed right away, this video explains why. It typically means that fair use is being argued by the copyright owners and so the video will stay up until a determination has been reached. Ever since YouTube was acquired by Google in 2007, not too long after it’s launch in ’05, it’s popularity has continued to soar. Copyright infringement became a messy situation that has also grown and evolved over time. When anything gets too big, the law get’s involved. Now even the regular Joe must be aware of YouTube’s Fair Use policy.

S2P StudioLegal Experts Address Youtube’s Fair Use Policy
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Successful Web Marketing

Information is at your fingertips today yet many haven’t attempted web marketing or gave up after a failed attempt. Some commonly stated reasons for this paradox include lack of resources, time and money. If you take a deeper look at these obstacles, you will see that internet marketing is the logical solution. It’s low-cost and after you have developed a plan it doesn’t take much time at all to keep up. So, unless you don’t have internet access, there is no excuse for not utilizing this marketing avenue.

S2P StudioSuccessful Web Marketing
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Plan your marketing strategy before launching a website

Internet marketing allows small businesses to compete with larger competitors. The internet provides inexpensive inbound marketing techniques that attract customers to a website and convert them into leads. If you don’t already have a web address you are most likely missing out on a large chunk of online consumers. If you have a website, don’t expect the website to do everything for you. It takes a good amount of work to develop and maintain online customers. This is why it’s important to have a marketing strategy before launching a website.

S2P StudioPlan your marketing strategy before launching a website
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Social Media is not a fad

“Social Media Revolution” by Erik Qualman which is based on his International Best Selling Book Socialnomics is a part of the world’s most watched Social Media video series. Nielsen’s report gives us insight into its importance for business. This validates that it is not a fad and is quickly becoming a part of our cultural fabric.

S2P StudioSocial Media is not a fad
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From Everyday Life to Productions…

Creativity is something that is difficult to define and even harder to implement. Art is playful and business is serious so, for new businesses, it’s common to shelf art and creative vision until the serious stuff is done. At Samsara 2 Productions, we work the other way around and try to find harmony between art and business.

S2P StudioFrom Everyday Life to Productions…
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