Wannette Doerrfeld


Wannette has been a multimedia specialist (Graphic & Web Designer specializing in front-end development, Logo Design and Video Production) for 12 years.

Logo Design

Last year’s blog about Visual Identity explained that branding involves more than just the logo design. This has prompted discussion about logo design itself. What is logo design? What isn’t logo design? Why does a business need a brand and not just a logo?

Wannette DoerrfeldLogo Design
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Visual Identity

Contrary to popular belief, branding involves more than just the logo design. There are many aspects of creating a brand identity. Arguably, the most important aspect is visual identity. The visual identity of a brand includes the logo and so much more.

Wannette DoerrfeldVisual Identity
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Visual Storytelling

Over the last decade, marketing has shifted from selling products to inspiring customers to be your best sales people. Many small businesses are still adapting to this change and what initiated that change: The internet. As a result, consumers are now hyper-aware. So, if a business is inauthentic or doesn’t know who they are or what they stand for, consumers figure this out a lot quicker.

Wannette DoerrfeldVisual Storytelling
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Brand Refresh

Autumn is the season of transition and symbolic for a time of self reflection. As the final leaves fall to the ground and winter turns, our activity also transforms to dormancy. This is a great time for introversion and contemplation in preparation for the renewal that Spring brings.

Wannette DoerrfeldBrand Refresh
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Design Inspiration

Design inspiration can come from anything such as a song, a picture, a vision, a smell, a touch, or a sentiment. When deliberately seeking inspiration for an active project, I often do not find it. Nevertheless, it’s fun to search, gather, build color schemes, moods and tones for future designs or imagery.

Wannette DoerrfeldDesign Inspiration
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Google and SSL

Google would like everything accessed on the web to use a secure connection. In the future, the Chrome browser will mark websites without a valid SSL certificate installed by displaying a red X over a padlock in the URL. The goal is for everyone to abandon HTTP for HTTPS.

Wannette DoerrfeldGoogle and SSL
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Content Marketing

The popular approach to content marketing is to consistently put out trending content, promote it and watch your SEO reap the benefits. The idea is that consistency and trending content alone will increase user engagement and click through. For many marketers that has not been the case. In a recent study led by HubSpot of 700 online marketers, 67 percent were planning to increase their content marketing efforts in 2017 and 72 percent of those marketers rated their current content-led marketing activity as “limited, basic or inconsistent”. So, why is content-led marketing failing and what is the solution?

Wannette DoerrfeldContent Marketing
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Capturing footage on the go…

The Glidecam Track and Dolly system and CobraCrane Quick Jib are production tools with an assembly time of under 15 minutes. Pair that with a Canon DSLR to capture amazing footage with minimal setup, production cost and a high production value.

Wannette DoerrfeldCapturing footage on the go…
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The Power of Video

The importance of video in marketing is a constant claim among marketing professionals. Meeting that level of importance and power with solid execution is the difficult part. A combination of planning, storytelling, production, and timing all play a role the level of engagement a video achieves.

Wannette DoerrfeldThe Power of Video
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The New Age in Real Estate Marketing: Video

ABC’s “The Lookout” recently featured a Real Estate Survival Guide. The episode explained what experts say house hunters need to look out for when buying or renting a home. From Photoshopping landscapes and sunsets to increase curb appeal to taking interior listing photos midday to blow out windows with sunlight. Why would anyone want to blow out windows? Maybe, to hide the bars on the windows of a home in a sketchy neighborhood or a not so pleasing view of a brick wall. These sorts of listing photo embellishments are on the rise in real estate marketing. In effect, consumer trust is on a decline when it comes to scouring real estate listing photos online.

Wannette DoerrfeldThe New Age in Real Estate Marketing: Video
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