S2P Studio

S2P Studio

Samsara 2 Productions is a small media production company serving Iowa, the midwest and beyond. From high definition video production to website design, we create multimedia solutions that engage and inspire as well as entertain.

LED Lighting Revolution

At S2P Studio, we always strive to be more environmentally responsible. Media production can leave a heavy ecological footprint. Consequently, to reduce that impact, 80% of our workstations are Energy Star Rated and we have also joined the LED lighting revolution.

S2P StudioLED Lighting Revolution
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IDX Broker for Real Estate Websites

S2P Studio is an affiliate developer of IDX Broker solutions for Real Estate Websites. Integrate MLS listings and more into your real estate website. IDX services are available for a low monthly subscription fee.

S2P StudioIDX Broker for Real Estate Websites
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The Death of Flash Player

If you use Firefox as your default web browser, you might be wondering what’s up with that pesky plugin warning you’ve been receiving lately. The digital media community has talked about it for a while now and it finally looks like the end of flash player is approaching.

S2P StudioThe Death of Flash Player
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Melissa & Chris 4.3.15

Take a peek at snippets from this wedding film we created for Melissa & Chris on April 3rd, 2015 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

S2P StudioMelissa & Chris 4.3.15
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Marketing Plan Tips

If you haven’t started planning yet, now’s the the time! Marketing plans take a lot of time and preparation which is why it’s best to get started before the new year. Words of advise, keep it simple! And you’ll be on your way, sailing smoothly through the next calendar year with your marketing strategy planned, budgeted and scheduled.

S2P StudioMarketing Plan Tips
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WordPress Botnet Attack

.WordPress is now under a significant attack. According to TechCrunch, the attack is trying to find passwords for the “admin” accounts that the open source CMS platform creates by default. We are advising everyone to change your passwords.

S2P StudioWordPress Botnet Attack
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Common Problems in Website Designs

At S2P we utilize two primary concepts in website design, simplicity and usability. A well designed website lacks clutter and utilizes space efficiently. Usability involves how the user experiences the website from the color and layout to the navigation. Here is a list of common problems we encounter often with existing websites:

S2P StudioCommon Problems in Website Designs
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Hiring a Wedding Video Professional

Hiring a wedding videographer will be one of the best investments you make for your special day. They say a picture is worth a thousand words…well a wedding video is worth a thousand pictures and then some! In a recent survey from Breakthrough Marketing Inc., 98% of newly wedded brides recommended that engaged couples splurge on a professional wedding video. Newlyweds quickly realize what a blur their wedding day was and how important having a video truly is. This is most likely because they saw all the best moments from their wedding on their friends’ Facebook albums and it all happened while they were mingling with wedding guests.

S2P StudioHiring a Wedding Video Professional
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